Nenok Download Page

Nenok is an open-source projects under GPL license. The distributions contains the complete framework including the graphical user interface, showcase instantiations, javadoc, ant start scripts for Jini services and example applications, and source files. Although Nenok is a Jini application, there is no need to install a Jini environment on your system. Nenok delivers all necessary Jini libraries. Just ensure that the Java environment installed on your system is at least version 1.5. (Open the terminal and type: java -version). Also, there must be an ANT engine installed on your system. (Open the terminal and type: ant -version). Then, download your preferred Nenok release, unzip it to your harddisk. To run one of the pre-configured demo applications, browse to the directory instances/demos and launch one of the example ANT files (XML files). Use the following command: ant -buildfile <filename>. Now, the main window opens with an example application.

Current Release - Nenok 1.5

Nenok Release Archive

Note, that the above description always refers to the current release. Installation instructions might have changed over time.